Thursday, 18 March 2010

You Can Find Stunning Art Deco Jewelry for 2010

You can find a long history for Art Deco Jewelry. This style of jewelry can be dated back to the mid 1920s. This type of art was inspired by the “Exposition Internationales des Arts Decoratifs and Industriels Modernes”. This movement took place in Paris, France in the mid 1920s, with the term “Art Deco” not becoming the popular term until many years later in the 1960s.

Jewelry in the Art Deco style has very few curves, but has abundant angular forms and straight lines. Starting out more delicate in its design, Art Deco jewelry moved toward the trend of blockier, bolder styled pieces termed “Art Moderne”. You can find Art Deco jewelry in many shapes. Some look like animals, including dogs, butterflies and insects, while some look like plants, leaves and floral designs. There are even some pieces of Art Deco Jewelry that are geometrical in shape. Many people who look at this type of art feel it is “abstract”, but owners of Art Deco jewelry buy it just for that reason. It is bold, daring and unique!
The price of Art Deco Jewelry is as unique as each piece that is created. You can find single pieces of Art Deco Jewelry made from silver and beads as low as $5.00, while some pieces with diamonds and other precious stones can be several thousands of dollars. Depending on your taste and budget, you can find just the right Art Deco Jewelry collection for you.

If you are interested in Art Deco Jewelry, you are in luck. You can find this increasing popular style of art in many places. At your local department stores, jewelry retailers and even flea markets, you may find sellers with stunning pieces on sale. Easier yet, try online stores and internet auctions sites. With a computer, you have a great chance of finding a piece of Art Deco Jewelry that you love at a price you can live with.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

2 Tips on Choosing the Right Perfume for 2010

With the thousands of fragrances in the market, it can sometimes be tricky to choose the one that is perfect for your taste, personality, the occasion, and other factors. Check out the following basic tips that you may find useful when choosing and even wearing the perfect perfume for you.

1. Determine your budget.

Perfumes are priced in a very big range, from very inexpensive colognes to luxurious designer brands. Determining your budget or the money you are prepared to spend beforehand will help narrow down the choices and will save you a lot of time.

2. Know what particular smell you want and go for it.

Decide on what type of fragrance you want based on what use the perfume would be to you. For instance, is it for special occasions? Is it to please or seduce a lover? Is it for everyday wash and wear? If you plan to please someone, make sure to research on the particular fragrances he or she likes. If you want it to be an everyday whiff you can wear to work or school, you may want to buy a lighter and fresher scent. If it’s for big parties and formal events, choose a perfume that makes a stronger impact by blending well with your body chemistry.

Other factors like the weather or season are also important to consider. For instance, if you live in a very humid setting, floral fragrances with a woody or musky base often complement the sultry weather. If you’re often surrounded by a lot of people in near proximity, don’t choose a very strong perfume because not everyone likes perfume. Citrus, sea breeze and other herb and floral fragrances are often fresh and rejuvenating, perfect for someone always on the go. If you will be out on a date and want to heighten the romance, choose a scent that is a bit stronger but not overpowering. Usually oriental spices project confidence and sophistication. Meanwhile, aromatic blends are perfect for men who like to smell like a true man exuding with machismo and security.

Prada’s new face 2010 style

hi all
A luxury ad campaign is a big deal for a model at any caliber, but Zukauskaite was practically nowhere to be seen last year, so this makes her luxe debut even more exciting. She obviously had the right look the company was going for. Next, lets get to the eyeshot orange lips that pop throughout the advertise. Strong lips are back in a big way! Brighter colors are a pleasant change from the dark lipstick trend. We’re thinking Zukauskaite will star in new editorials soon since she actually has a blossoming career – Prada is only the beginning for this beauty.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Are All Tahitian Pearls Black?’ and Other Pearl FAQ Answers

Are all Tahitian pearls black? What’s the difference between a cultured pearl and a natural pearl? Are freshwater pearls inferior to saltwater pearls? Are South Sea pearls really golden?